Why incorporate the 1:1 program?

Here at in Killeen Adventist Junior Academy we want to prepare our students at much as possible for the future. We know that technology is being integrated into many careers and want our students to be prepared to follow their dreams with as many skills sets as possible.



Reasons working with the 1:1 program improves the teaching environment:

  • Increases Student Engagement: Through the different applications and medias, students become more interested in the subject matter.

  • Providing More Creative Learning Outlets: Students are able to create podcasts, videos, interactive slides, and etc.

  • Tailors to the Learning Experiences: Through the different applications students are able to learn lessons that are tailored to their learning style.

  • Improved the Communication Between Student and Teacher: Teachers are able to give feedback at a faster rate and may leave it in written or verbal feedback.


For E-safety Guides please click here.

For how to use Google Classroom for parents video click here.

Grades 5 - 11 use the 1:1 Program

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